Currently, there are more than 1 Billion websites worldwide, and the number is growing by a fast rate. Chances are that when you finish reading this blog, about twelve more web pages will have been created. With this quick proliferation online, it’s increasingly difficult for small businesses to stand out among competitors.

Also, because of information overload, it becomes easier to lose sight of what makes or break a site. Remember: the way you present your information to your clients is as important as the content itself. Thinking about this, we have created a short list of 5 things that can lead to your website’s failure, but can be easily fixed. Take a read, analyze, make changes and turn your website a magnet for new customers!

1: Outdated Layout

The website is the first impression of a business. People are now opting for looking up businesses online before they make a decision to buy a product or drive to a store. If the web page has an old-fashioned layout, it will send the worst message to the client. Having a clean, branded layout is the best way to represent your brand.

Tip: Content must be easy to read with clean fonts (right typography), the colors must be well chosen, and images displayed in an meaningful way.

2: Bad Usability

If the web page is confusing, hard to navigate or with hard to find information, it will drive away potential customers. The site must be easy to use and information needs to be readily accessible to users. The layout must be clean, with clear headers and information displayed in an easy and intuitive way.

Tip: The services provided should be made available clearly, in the home or in an easily found menu.

3: Lots of Info (too much!)

Adding long blocks of text in a single page is a way to drive away potential customers. Whoever enters your site is looking for quick information, written in short sentences, focused and presented in a logical way.

Tip: Brief but accurate descriptions of the products with illustrative images are better than long explanations.

4: Bad name

Choosing the name for a website is one of the most difficult parts of the branding process. It is important to find a domain that represents the company name, is available for purchase, reflect you position in the market and, above all, make an impact. The domain represents your company’s digital identity, that’s how users will find you online.

Tip: Avoid extra long names with dashes or special characters that are hard to read, and try adding important keywords to the url.

5: Not mobile friendly

It’s really important to optimize your website for mobile use. Mobile site access has grown a lot in recent years. More and more customers come to the pages through cell phones or tablets.

Write them down and fix one at a time.

You’ll see a big difference on your website traffic by changing just these 5 things!

Having a good website is essential to the success of any business, but it requires dedication not just during the creation process but also in its maintenance.

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